Call it buyers remorse or spreading the pain, in either case a County lawsuit against two transportation agencies in San Bernardino has been dismissed. The County had sought reimbursements from the agencies for their roles in a $102 million paid to the Colonies Partners investment group.

The settlement in question, which has been the source of controversy and scandal since 2006, arose from storm water drainage the damaged part of a 434-acre property and delayed development on the property. In 2006, three supervisors approved the settlement that the Superior Court Judge in San Diego called “the worst of the worst” and “unconscionable, unlawful, and sordid.”

But in 2004, the County sued CalTrans, Upland, and SanBAG for their role in constructing faulty drainage that led to the damage to the property. In the opinion of the County, the damage caused will continue to be a problem even if the settlement never happened.

In the nine-year history of the case, the County has spent $26 million in legal fees. SanBAG has spent $9 million defending itself.

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