In San Diego, where the medical marijuana question rages, an advanced vending machine may be part of the solution. The vending machines, when paired with a human element of security, would not be subject to the proposed Pot Vending Machine ban that Mayor Bob Filner proposed earlier this month.

Medbox, the producer of the automatic dispensers that mimic those in regular hospitals and clinics that provides inventory control, security, and storage for medicines. In a marijuana application, employees obtain marijuana from the machines and would then, in turn, provide the drugs to the collective’s member.

Previously, Medbox had been concerned that Filner’s ban would have impacted their ability to access the market.

“We needed to make the rounds in San Diego and demonstrate how our technology is similar to what hospitals use to control sensitive medications,” Dr. Bruce Bedrick , CEO of Medbox said. “We look forward to bringing transparency, compliance, and unparalleled tax reporting to dispensary operators and the patients they serve in San Diego once their new ordinance is adopted.”

A ban on vending machines that would allow consumers direct access to vending machines that would dispense marijuana is something that Medbox supported in a separate press statement earlier in the week.

Medbox has received leases for 30 machines in locations throughout the city.