San Bernardino had spent years in court trying to force two agencies and a city to split the cost of a $102 million settlement paid to the investment group Colonies Partners. After 9 years and millions in legal fees, the case has been settled, relieving Upland. SanBAG, and Caltrans of any further legal costs.

For Upland, the burden of the protracted legal battle compounded economic troubles. Its rainy day fund had fallen to less than a million dollars. Now, the City may redirect funds from its legal battle to issues such as road maintenance and the homeless.

For San Bernardino County, the Colonies case eroded public trust. Numerous county officials have been implicated in bribery and conflict of interest cases stemming from the Colonies settlement. The now-settled lawsuit had cost the County an additional $26 million in legal fees, meaning that the entire affair carried a price tag of $128 million.

County officials described the settlement as the ushering-in of a new age and closing the door on the Colonies debacle.

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