County Supervisor Bill Horn, Sheriff Bill Gore and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced the launch of the County’s Sex Offender Email Notification System, a service that lets residents sign up for automated email alerts about sex offenders in their area.

San Diegans can learn more about the service and register for the alerts at a new website:

“We get so busy in our daily routines that we may not be checking the Megan’s Law website as regularly as we should,” Supervisor Horn said. “This system reminds us to be vigilant: it’s time to check again.”

In the new system, San Diegans select zip codes or areas of concern, such as the zip code where they live or work, or where their children attend school. Then, whenever California’s Megan’s Law website is updated with the profile of a sex offender who has recently registered his address in one of the selected areas, the user will get an email alert.

“Here in San Diego County we have an aggressive SAFE Team tracking sex offenders,” Sheriff Gore said. “This new notification system is just one tool to help moms and dads protect their kids.”

The email alert will link users to the Megan’s Law website, where they can review profiles and find any new listings.

“Knowledge is power and this new notification system complements the ongoing efforts of law enforcement in San Diego County,” DA Dumanis said. “The District Attorney’s Office will continue its commitment to prosecuting sex offenders and working closely with the SAFE Task Force to protect the public.”

The Sex Offender Email Notification System is a service to help residents stay informed about changes in the known sex offender population in a given neighborhood. However, some 80 to 90 percent of sex offenses against children are committed by people who know the children and the families. also provides a wealth of resources to help San Diegans learn more about sex offenders, whether they are strangers or someone close, and how to protect themselves and their families.