Newly promoted Visalia sergeant Luma Fahoum path to her new role isn’t normal, but her story and dedication to law enforcement isn’t either. From waitress to records clerk to community service officer to patrol officer, Fahoum’s dream of fighting crime kept her pushing harder and higher.

Along the way, Fahoum caught the attention of her supervisors who noticed the desire and skills to become a talented officer. At 26, the department paid for their community service officer to complete the academy and she became a patrol officer. That was in 2000.

When 9-11 happened, Fahoum found herself demonstrating –firsthand – that Middle-Eastern men and women aren’t on the wrong side of the law. Being a native speaker of Arabic, the FBI recruited her to join the Bureau, but Fahoum wanted to fight local crime and stayed in Visalia.

Now a decorated officer and a new sergeant, Fahoum continues fighting street crime and gang activity.

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