The City of Anaheim will have an opportunity to complete its study of its electoral system before the trial between the City and the ACLU goes to court. Judge Franz E. Miller granted the delay of the trial until July.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued the City of Anaheim last year on behalf of Latinos, who have been historically underrepresented on the Council. They argued that the current, at-large districts disenfranchise Latinos, who make up 54 percent of the city. Currently all Council members are Caucasian and live in the same, affluent areas of the City.

The City formed a citizens’ commission to study elections in the City even as the ACLU lawsuit was underway. They face a deadline of May 31 to make their recommendations. Allowing that process to continue and conclude, according to the City, honors the democratic process.

The ACLU argued, however, that delaying a decision could jeopardize the 2014 elections, should the City be ordered to adopt district-based elections. Implementing the new plan could prove challenging on the accelerated timeline.

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