Santa Clarita reports the lowest unemployment rate since December 2008, maintaining one of the lowest consecutive unemployment rates in Los Angeles County.

“Santa Clarita’s 6.2 percent unemployment rate represents a positive sign for job creation and growth. Although we’re still faced with the effects of the Great Recession, it’s encouraging to see steady gains in jobs and know that our residents are securing employment,” said Mayor Bob Kellar.

Santa Clarita has made concerted efforts during the past few years to encourage business growth and investment, despite the effects of the Great Recession. One of the ongoing efforts in the City is its Use Tax Rebate Program. Through the program explained at the Economic Development Department’s website, the City’s local share of use taxes can be refunded to the business. It benefits the business by helping save money, but it also benefits the community as a full percentage of the use tax is returned to the City’s general fund.

The Economic Development Division also can connect employers and businesses with no interest bonds to encourage investment in property, redevelopment, equipment loans, and other capital projects.

Even if small businesses, like the one owned by longtime Santa Clarita Resident John Chapman’s, don’t directly use these services, they continue to thrive in the business-friendly environment created by the focus on jobs, the economy, and small business job creators.

For 15 years, John and his team have working in the City and delivering FedEx packages in the Santa Clarita valley. Even in the Recession, the area’s focus on helping businesses grow stronger contributed to Chapman’s FedEx Ground operation and has grown significantly over the years.

Currently John has 10 employees and is looking to continue growing his FedEx Ground team. With a background as an Arrowhead water truck driver and then into driving dairy trucks, John enjoys running his own small business and taking care of his employees. Companies like John Chapman’s FedEx Ground have contributed to Santa Clarita’s financial stability and lower unemployment rates.