According to a Lumosity study, Stanford, California, is the brainiest city in America. The Home of Stanford University ranked at the top of the newest report released that compared the cognitive abilities of 3.3 million people from across the country. La Jolla and Davis also cracked the top 10.

“Our 2012 rankings measured the cognitive performance of over a million people around the country,” wrote Dr. Daniel Sternberg in a White Paper that accompanied the report. “The 2013 rankings are based on data from nearly three times as many people, with over 3 million users included in the study.”

Sternberg went on to explain how the study was conducted.

“To be included in the analysis, a user must have played at least one game in each of the five Lumosity “Brain Areas”: Speed, Attention, Flexibility, Memory and Problem Solving. The user also must have provided their date of birth and gender, between 15 and 85 years of age, and must be located in the United States according to our geolocation procedure.”

“For the lists using overall score as the ranking metric, an area’s score is based on the median overall score for users in each geographic area. For the separate cognitive area lists, rankings are based on the median scaled score for each CBSA for the respective cognitive area.”

You can view the full White Paper or the interactive map at the Lumosity website.