What could be considered the greatest fear of responsible use advocates is being realized after the State Supreme Court affirmed the power of local governments to regulate and ban medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Throughout Southern California, local governments are acting to shutter the storefronts that have been operating within the gray areas of local laws.

The Supreme Court’s decision opened the door for more proactive eradication efforts by local governments, who have used the police to forcibly close pot shop after pot shop. Advocates say that this leaves patients without access to their prescribed drugs, but authorities say they are ridding their cities of illegal, nuisance businesses.

In the last two weeks, San Bernardino closed 23 of its 33 banned dispensaries. The ban being enforced in San Bernardino is similar to those in 94 cities and five counties throughout Southern California. Another 72 cities and nine counties have moratoriums on dispensaries.

Other ballot measures and initiatives were given new teeth by the Supreme Court. Most prominently is Los Angeles. There, voters approved a new regulation on pot shops that would shutter as many as 2,000 illegally operating store fronts. The City would be left with 135.

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