While details at this time remain scarce, the Associated Press is reporting that the arrest of Fresno Fire Chief Rob Brown came after he allegedly struck his wife, knocked her down, and choked another family member.

The incident apparently occurred at the Brown residence late Wednesday night. Police were called around 11:00 pm and Brown was taken into custody. He was charged with felonies for corporal injury to a spouse and making criminal threats.

According to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Brown threatened to kill one family member as he choked him or her. Brown was then pepper sprayed multiple times by a member or members of his family as they tried to stop the violence.

Police arrested an allegedly intoxicated and uncooperative Brown. He made bail the next morning.

The City offered no details on the situation, releasing only two statements. The first, released Thursday morning, said that the matter was being investigated. Later that day, the City said that Brown was being placed on administrative leave.