Across the Northern Border, a mayor has found himself in hot water as he was hauled to jail by an anti-corruption squad of his own police department. Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum was arrested for corruption eight months after he was elected to office on a platform that called for the end of corruption.

The “hammer squad” as the anti-corruption squad is known, picked Applebaum up at his home on Monday after investigators discovered evidence that the mayor allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from construction companies between 2006 and 2011. He had been mayor of one of the city’s boroughs at the time.

Applebaum is the latest city official and employee to be arrested for corruption. He was elected to replace Gerald Tremblay after Mr. Tremblay resigned during his own corruption investigation. 36 city employees have been arrested so far by the hammer squad, and according to investigators, more arrests are on the way.

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