The Los Angeles Fire Department does not do an adequate job of investigating allegations against top officials due to a lack of funding, an understaffed investigation team, and perhaps a lack of desire. The new audit released by the department’s independent assessor says that a new process is needed to restore public confidence.

Among the list of grievances aired in the report was that the department’s investigations often take longer to complete than the statute of limitations for corrective action. In other words, by the time a judgment is rendered regarding infractions, there can be no punitive measures taken.

Additionally, the department lacks the ability to reprimand the Chief, a situation clearly demonstrated by the recent revelations of Chief Brian Cummings participation in a scandalous photo shoot a dozen years ago. Only recently he admitted to being present when a topless woman was photographed on a LAPD fire truck. Chief Cummings gave himself 120 hours of community service.

In order to beef up the department’s investigation unit, at least two civilians are needed to be hired.

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