The Roseville city council was subjected to about an hour of continuous public outcry at a special meeting called for Thursday morning to impose a contract on the City’s police officers. Speakers at the meeting said that the meeting was designed to limit public involvement by placing such a controversial issue during a workday when fewer people could attend.

City officials said that imposing the contract was essential to ensuring that the City closed a structural budget deficit of $2.3 million. The contract calls for the officers to contribute 9 percent of their pay towards their pensions. Officers say that will cost them about $500 per month.

The City says that they have helped offset those costs in their contract by giving a 6 percent raise, 45 hours in personal leave time, and enhancing medical benefits.

More than the terms of the contract, the timing of the vote seemed to elicit the greatest consternation. On Wednesday, the City announced a special meeting for Thursday morning to vote on the contract. The timing was attributed to the City’s need to begin budget planning. However, the city council meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Had the Council not called the special meeting, it would have delayed the vote by 6 days.