Fresno Fire Chief Rob Brown was formally charged with multiple felonies on Tuesday, stemming from a domestic battery arrest on June 12. According to police and witnesses, Brown struck his wife to the ground and choked one of his sons before being pepper sprayed.

The City of Fresno and its City Manager, Mark Scott, have said little in recent weeks about Chief Brown. After the charges were released, Scott issued a statement that said, “We’re working with our lawyers to make sure all appropriate actions are taken. We will provide an update over the next few days. This is a very serious situation, and we are handling it accordingly.”

Previously, the City had commented only so much as to announce Brown’s administrative leave and say they would have no further comment.

According to news reports, Brown’s wife of 40 years refutes the seriousness of the allegations brought against her husband and all four of their sons joined her at a press conference denying any violence occurred.

According to the criminal complaint filed, Brown faces felony charges of domestic abuse, making criminal threats, dissuading a witness by force or threat, and obstruction of justice.