Voters in the City of Vallejo were asked to choose how to spend $3.2 million of the City’s budget, giving voters the option to select between 33 projects. The top 12 would share the money.

The concept of voter-driven budgeting is something of a novelty, and only about 4,000 of the City’s 116,000 people cast a ballot. But the total budget devoted to voter-input is limited to 30 percent of proceeds from a 1-cent sales tax that was approved in 2011. The election was open to all residents over the age of 16.

Voters chose a variety of projects to allocate extra funds to, including community gardens and pot hole repair. Small business training and public art failed to crack the top 12.

The other 70 percent of funds raised from the sales tax go towards core services in the City, including public safety.

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