The Voice of OC keeps a close eye on the happenings in Orange County, and has now compiled a budgetary comparison resource for Orange County cities. The new page on their website compares how each City is prioritizing its budgets. The plan, apparently, is to provide the information and allow readers to determine trends, patterns, or uncover interesting budget choices.

By providing links to the 34 City budgets in Orange County at the start of another budget season, the Voice of OC is encouraging not only greater dialogue between a City and its residents, but they are providing a valuable service by elevating the dialogue to include regional information. Granted, each of the Cities have their own unique priorities, standards, demographics, and factors that need to be considered; but with so many communities in such a small region, surely some cross-border comparisons can and should be drawn.

So the Voice of OC published their list and asked for their readers’ feedback to the question: What Are Your City’s Budget Priorities?

Read the full article at the Voice of OC.