The now-infamous Mayor of San Diego has not only refused to step down after repeated calls for his resignation—including from members of his own party—he is now asking the city to cover his legal bills.

The City Council, seven members of which have asked Filner to give up his post, will decide in closed session today how to proceed with the request.

San Diego has a history of paying out millions of dollars in legal fees for city employees for official misconduct but it remains to be seen whether Filner’s alleged sexual harassment falls under this category. Several of the Councilmembers have already publicly stated that they believe the city should not be held responsible for actions that were not a part of the Mayor’s official duties.

A total of seven women have come forward accusing the Mayor of lewd conduct. The city attorney’s office has stated that is a defendant in the lawsuit and cannot represent Filner. The Mayor has hired Harvey Berger, one of San Diego’s preeminent attorneys specializing in employment law.

Filner’s request was made even as two separate recall efforts are underway to remove the disgraced Mayor from office as he fights for his political life.

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