Realignment, which has become a lightning rod in the debate over crime and state prisons, is unlikely to be scaled back or be subjected to major fixes after the Courts ordered the state to release nearly 10,000 more inmates from its facilities by year’s end. More than a dozen bills had been proposed to revise portions of the program.

According to the California State Sheriffs’ Association, part of the population shifted to local responsibilities turned out to be more dangerous than previously anticipated. Many also require more rehabilitation or medical care than county facilities can provide. However, identifying the problems has proven to be easier than identifying solutions.

Originally, Senator Ted Lieu had proposed a bill that would make it a felony with a prison sentence for any paroled sex offenders who cut off their GPS bracelets. However, after it became clear that the Governor would not sign such a bill, Lieu changed the bill and simply made it a crime with mandatory time in County jails.

The Governor has essentially taken any bill that increases state prison population off the table.

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