Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar are all tech-based ridesharing applications that some argue circumvent a local government’s authority to regulate and provide oversight for taxi cab services. However, officials at San Francisco International Airport went a step further by performing citizens’ arrests of drivers for the rideshare services. The charge was trespassing.

The arrests don’t actually result with the drivers being taken into custody. Instead, the drivers are issued citations. So far officials have issued about a dozen citations. The misdemeanor citations can result in up to six months in jail and or a $1,000 fine.

Against this backdrop, California legislators are considering legislation that would regulate the emerging industry for the first time. Prescribing limits, licensing requirements, and standards for ridesharing apps and their drivers would provide parity in the taxicab industry. Local taxi operators are required to meet various licensing, safety standards, and adhere to a variety of regulations. So far, Uber and other such companies have offered their highly flexible services without the burden of the same oversight.

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