San Francisco is carving out a small percentage of its 281,000 on-street parking spots to bolster car-sharing programs in the city as part of an experiment to facilitate greater use of shared cars.

But even reserving 900 parking spots for car share use is likely to invoke the ire of many in the city’s various neighborhoods. Next year, the first 450 spots will be assigned, with the City having the option of reserving another 450 the following year. With each spot, there will likely be some form of neighborhood outreach to help sooth tempers and help people understand how and why they will benefit from the program.

Car share parking will be spread out throughout the City, and companies hoping to capitalize on the parking spots must agree to reserve at least 15 percent of their spaces in the outer reaches of the City. Busy commercial streets will be excluded from the “auction.” Qualifying car-share companies will scour the City and identify spots they want to rent. That list will then go to the MTA for approval.

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