Two initiatives have qualified for the June 2014 ballot that could spell disaster for Trinity County. The two initiatives, “We the People’s Reaffirmation of Constitutional Rights” and “Forest Fire Prevention Act,” would establish a libertarian utopia in Northern California, where the government authority would stop at private property lines and any county employee who supports or enforces any resolution or law that violates the initiatives would be fired.

For Trinity County, the dangers of the initiatives are numerous. In addition to opening the County to numerous lawsuits and potentially violating state and federal laws, the County would lose millions in state and federal funding while being forced to repay millions already received.

Among the changes being advocated in the two initiatives is the requirement that if anyone violates the initiative-created laws, they be charged with a misdemeanor. The initiative goes on to require the immediate termination for such infractions – that includes elected supervisors. Under existing state law, the only way they can be removed from office is by recall, casting doubt to the legality of the initiative.

Federal lands would also switch to the control of the Sheriff’s office, building codes wouldn’t apply to private property, and nuisance growth abatement practices would be suspended. The general plan would be frozen for thirty years, eminent domain would be frozen for thirty years, and no county official (except Sheriff’s Deputies) would be allowed onto private land even with a warrant.