Originally posted at CalFWD.
By Cheryl Getuiza.

The most exciting part about setting a goal is achieving it. A northern San Diego County non-profit is celebrating the fruits of its labor thanks to the community who has stepped up by reaching into their pockets and supporting a cause they believe in.

In June, California Forward first shared a story about the Friends of Cardiff and Carlsbad State Beaches’ (FCCSB) aggressive campaign to raise money to restore nine bluff side staircases. The non-profit is more than happy to report that it surpassed its goal of $40,000 just in the first few months, and get this, the running total is now $41,035.

“We have enough to completely fund renovations of two of the nine stairways we plan to rebuild for California State Parks,” said Bill Mahoney, founder and vice president of FCCSB and a California Forward Forward Thinker.

The Adopt-A-Stairway project will repair nine bluff side stairways at Carlsbad and Cardiff state beaches, which are wooden and more than 50 years old. And, as many of us know, the state parks budget doesn’t have much in it, especially for minor repairs.

Cardiff Seaside Market, located right across from San Elijo State Beach in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, donated a hefty $20,000 to rebuild the main beach-access stairway at the entrance to San Elijo.

“We live, breathe and work in the community, so we do try to put money back into our community,” said John Najjar, co-owner of Cardiff Seaside Market. “We’re concentrated on the local community.”

“The community can always step in and participate by giving back. The state, county or city doesn’t need to do it, we can do it and not wait for them. It’ll get done quicker. Private entrepreneurs and private citizens can always step in and improve the community, it’s better than waiting for government to.”

One family contributed to the efforts in a big way with another sizeable check, donated on behalf of their loved one killed in a motorcycle accident.

That donation will allow the FCCSB to complete the main stairway at South Carlsbad State Beach, which it started earlier this year.

“After the beach crowds die down post-Labor Day, we’ll complete that stairway and move on to do the Cardiff Seaside Market stairway, so the most heavily trafficked stairways at the two state parks are already scheduled to be renovated by Thanksgiving,” said Mahoney.

Since FCCSB started, its goal was to be good stewards of our environment. They’ve proven they can be. In their latest campaign, the non-profit has stepped in and has taken care of the community. They do this because the state can’t.

“It’s so fulfilling when activism works like this. Local businesses, foundations such as Callaway Golf and many private individuals have stepped up to make the FCCSB’s Adopt-a-Stairway program an immediate success. I believe this project will become a model in the California State Parks system,” said Mahoney.