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Last week, Sonoma State Professor David McCuan authored a piece for PublicCEO discussing Supervisor Efren Carrillo’s scandalous fallout and the potentially far-reaching effect it may have on the North Coast political scene.

Yesterday, the SF Gate reported that Carrillo’s actions have caused some to worry about the Democratic Party and its recent string of disgraced politicos. Carrillo joins the ranks of Weiner and Spitzer in NY, and Filner here in CA: Democratic power players who—quite publicly—disgraced women in one way or another. They also share the trait of resilience or a mean streak of egoistic stubbornness depending on who you ask: once caught with their pants down, each have refused to exit the public arena.

Republican strategist Amy Thoma believes this pattern will make it difficult for Democrats to claim they champion the interests of women, as they did in 2012.

The article describes Carrillo as a now-defunct “rising Democratic star [who] had ambitions to run for higher office.” This statement is well supported: Democrat-leaning unions are calling for his resignation as well as the Sonoma County’s Democratic Party, who issued a written statement expressing adamancy that Carrillo should resign if allegations prove true.

Since the incident in July, Carrillo has undergone five weeks of treatment for alcoholism. He is now a part of an outpatient program and has surprised the Sonoma County residents by returning to his work at the County prior to his scheduled court hearing.

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