Last week, popular IT and technology magazine Computerworld featured an article examining Orange County and its failed attempt to modernize their computer systems. County officials have scrapped the project in recent months as a result of the program’s skyrocketing cost and prolonged completion date.

According to the report, representatives of the County declared the venture as “fatally flawed” and have subsequently sued the contractor, Tata Consultancy Services, to recover damages from the botched project. The original agreement with Tata was for an $8 million system. Estimates have now ballooned to over $16 million.

The project originated from a need to more efficiently process the county’s taxes, which total $4.5 billion each year.

As a result of the failed project, the County will likely have to start from scratch.

Recently, the Liberal OC posted an editorial in response to Computerworld’s findings. The author, Dan Chmielewski, calls out the Board of Supervisors for their lack of technical expertise and questions the seemingly-ridiculous need for a massive 6,000 page report.

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