Some days, there is an abundance of interesting and noteworthy stories in the news. Today is one of those days. Check out more of today’s top local government headlines below:

LA County Board of Supervisors to Discuss Law Enforcement Reform and Grants

2% of Counties Account for the Majority of Executions in America, Study Says

Butte County Sheriff Wants Approval to Seek $40 Million Grant for New Jail

Riverside County Supes Discuss Torching of Temecula’s Ronald Reagan Statue

High Density Saves Prime Farmland

State Aims to Bridge Digital Divide in Rural CA

Gov. Brown Oks Overhaul of CA Residential Electricity Rates

BART Talks Likely to Go to 11th Hour – Or Beyond

State of Jefferson Will be Huge

City of Redlands Offers Crime-Free Multi-Housing Training

San Diego County Offers Free Depression Screenings

San Carlos Wants Gas Pipeline to Remain Shut Until PG&E Proves It’s Not Dangerous

Longtime Solano County Deputy Prosecutor to Leave for Sonoma County Later this Month

Hollywood Increases Pressure on Sacramento to Keep Production in State

Sacramento Parks Expansion Plan Gets a Boost

Bites from Sheriff’s K-9 Units Increae for Blacks, Latinos