Decision-making bodies typically have procedures designed designed to guide the discussion and decision-making process.

Known as “parliamentary procedures” or “Robert’s Rules,” these procedures can sometimes be intimidating and overly formalistic.

The video below and the material at right can help demystify this subject.

“Rosenberg’s Rules” are the work product of former local official and now Judge, David Rosenberg.

“Rosenberg’s Rules” can be found in a .pdf format below or accessed by clicking here.

In a rush and need the quick-and-dirty on parliamentary procedure? Check out this handy guide below or by clicking here.

The Institute for Local Government (ILG) has made available to the public a collection of informative and insightful videos on the topic of city governance.

Its “Local Government 101 Videos” series covers a variety of subjects, including working with city staff, the basics of parliamentary procedure and the importance of land use.

Check out the other videos here.

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