SCOTUS is back in session and according to GOVERNING magazine, local governments across the U.S. should be paying close attention to a couple of key cases this year.

Though not a complete list, several of the most relevant cases are listed below.

Town of Greece, N.Y. v. Galloway: the Town of Greece technically allows residents of any religion to deliver an invocation prior to conducting public meetings. However, Galloway contends that in practice, only four prayers in the history of the town have been led by non-Christians. SCOTUS will examine whether or not the Town of Greece has violated the Constitution’s Establishment Clause. Previously, a federal appeals court determined that the Town of Greece had violated the Clause. President Obama has publicly weighed in on the case, expressing his hope for a ruling in favor of the Town of Greece.

Madigan v. Levin: this case will decide whether or not someone who is alleging age discrimination (as it pertains to employment) can head directly to the courts or must first go through the motions established by the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act. A ruling in this case will clarify whether public employers can continue to engage these employees through administrative hearings or must pursue the more costly alternative of litigation.

The GOVERNING article references a number of other cases that have the potential to affect California as a whole and its local government entities. It is worth checking out for its thorough, yet easy-to-digest summary of the upcoming SCOTUS term.

Read the full article at GOVERNING.