More shocking and bizarre revelations have come to light as Los Angeles County prosecutors continue in their efforts to convict City of Bell’s second-in-command, Angela Spaccia.

According to prosecutors, the City of Bell paid $10,000 for former and convicted councilman George Cole to attend a weight-loss camp. The city also footed the bill for Mayor Oscar Hernandez to get hair plugs.

This week alone, prosecutors have questioned former councilwoman Teresa Jacobo as well as former Police Chief Randy Adams.

Jacobo said she was aware of the weight-loss camp expense, but not about the hair transplants.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jacobo revealed that she relied heavily on former Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo’s leadership and “didn’t read everything in her agenda packets the city gave her prior to council meetings.”

Jacobo further revealed that Rizzo did not permit the council to speak to city staff unless they went through him first. Once when Jacobo heard that rent money was missing from a city-owned mobile home park, she investigated the matter only to be scolded and later find out that the city employee she spoke to was terminated.

Adams testified on Wednesday and told the jury that he was initially surprised when the City of Bell approached him about employment. Having recently retired as Glendale’s police chief, Adams wanted a salary of $400,000. The city agreed to the terms.

“I was surprised that a little city like this could afford to hire me,” Adams said during his testimony.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this is the first time Adams has spoken candidly about his time with the City of Bell. At a previous pension hearing, Adams invoked the 5th Amendment over 20 times.

During the proceedings, prosecutors again brought attention to an email exchange between Adams and Spaccia:

Adams to Spaccia: “I am looking forward to seeing you and taking all of Bell’s money?! Okay … just a share of it!!”

Spaccia’s response: “LOL … well you can take your share of the pie … just like us!!! We will all get fat together … [Robert Rizzo] has an expression he likes to use on occasion. Pigs get Fat … Hogs get slaughtered!!!! So as long as we’re not Hogs … All is well!”

Earlier this week, a photo of Spaccia in a bath robe smoking a cigar was shown to the jury. According to prosecutors, Spaccia sent the photo as a text message to Adams.

Prosecutors are suggesting that the photo is indicative of a relationship beyond what is expected between two city administrators yet Adams denied the rumors by stating that “it’s a satirical type photo.”

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