Yesterday the National Rifle Association sued San Francisco challenging a citywide ordinance banning the possession of gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. They have alleged that the measure violates the Second Amendment rights of the city’s residents.

On November 8, Mayor Ed Lee signed Police Code Section 619 after it was passed by city supervisors in October. The measure will take effect on December 8 and requires gun owners to surrender magazines that do not fit the new requirements.

According to the NRA, “standard-capacity magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds are commonly possessed by millions of law-abiding citizens for a variety of lawful purposes in the United States. These purposes include target practice, shooting competitions, hunting, and, most importantly, self-defense. The Supreme Court has affirmed that self-defense is the ‘central component’ of the Second Amendment.

The NRA is joined by the San Francisco Veteran Police Officers Association (SFVPOA) who is also suing the city and its leaders over the same ordinance.

Sunnyvale voters approved a similar ordinance on November 5 and according to the SF Gate, the city is the NRA’s next target.

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View the SFVPOA’s suit below: