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By Alexia Chianis.

Safety is the bedrock of any given community. “Safe neighborhoods” frequently tops the list of values sought after by potential homeowners, businesses understand the economic value of crime-free streets and accordingly, public safety consumes a large portion of municipal budgets.

SafeWise, a home security system provider, has examined data from the most recent FBI Crime in the U.S. Report and combined it with their own thorough research to produce a comprehensive list of the 50 safest cities in California, with 20,000 residents or more.*

Check out the list below.

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1. Saratoga

Perfect for workers who need respite from the energy of nearby Silicon Valley, Saratoga is a welcoming, relaxing, residential community situated in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. With a well earned reputation for outstanding schools, creative dining and a small-town ambiance, Saratoga offers just about everything a family needs. Plus, it also has the honor of being the safest city in California. The most recent FBI crime report reveals that less than 20 violent crimes and two robberies were reported in law enforcement in 2011, which is commendable. Overflowing with opportunities for community engagement, recreation, and a strong business vibe, it’s no wonder once families move to Saratoga they tend to stay.

Saratoga,CA: The safest city in California


2. Rancho Santa Margarita

The master-planned city of Rancho Santa Margarita was incorporated just over a decade ago, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of Orange County’s most desirable places to live. Situated in the foothills of the stunning Santa Ana Mountains, and just 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the young, affluent city of Rancho Santa Margarita offers a diverse inventory of planned communities. A number of wilderness parks, a skate park, dog park, and state of the art Bell Tower Regional Community Center all provide endless recreation opportunities. Families relocating to Rancho Santa Margarita will be glad to learn that the most recent figures from the FBI Crime Report show less than 10 robberies and 18 motor vehicle thefts were reported to authorities in 2011. That’s remarkable for a town of nearly 50,000.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA: The 2nd safest city in California


3. Los Altos

The resident of Los Altos must feel safe knowing their city is the third safest and that the most recent FBI Crime Report notes less than 10 incidents of aggravated assault were reported to authorities in 2011. Safe streets and a median age of just 34 also make Los Altos a desirable destination for transplants with children. Los Altos’ Tiny Tots play-based preschool program, youth theater and variety of camps make working and living in Los Altos stress free. Fueled by life-long learning and health and wellness, the petite city of just 6.4 square miles boasts nearly 20 park and recreation areas. Rest assured, every member of your family is sure to find stimulating, healthy entertainment in Los Altos. Creative types should know there is a thriving art world in Los Altos. In fact, 29 art sculptures are scattered throughout the tight-knit community, infusing it with creativity and imagination.

Los Altos, CA: The 3rd safest city in California


4. Aliso Viejo

Creative and contemporary are just two words that describe the master planned community of Aliso Viejo; safe is another. According to the latest FBI Crime Report, less than 10 robberies and just two arsons were reported to law enforcement in 2011. Home to a number of large corporations, and award-winning schools, Aliso Viejo also offers families an extraordinary blend of modern neighborhoods, parks, community facilities and shopping.

The city provides residents with easy access to the Orange County trail system and the amazing Wood Canyon Wilderness. Boasting over 30 miles of trails, a profusion of rare and endangered plants, and programs like yoga hikes and tot walks, you can count on spending many weekend afternoons at the wildlife sanctuary. Pack your bags for Aliso Viejo and your family will never run out of new and exciting experiences to enjoy.

Aliso Viejo, CA: The 3rd safest city in California


5. Temple City

A free citizen’s academy, strong Neighborhood Watch program and the comprehensive “Connect-ed” community magazine help the government and citizens work in tandem to keep Temple City’s streets safe. We weren’t surprised to learn that even though Temple City is located in populous Los Angeles County, it earned a respectable fifth place ranking on the SafeWise safest cities in California. In addition to a safe environment, newcomers to Temple City can also expect to enjoy an assortment of community-wide events and programs. The ever-popular Camellia Festival, sport clinics for youth, educational programs geared toward seniors, and activities specifically for little ones, fill the list of things your family will love about Temple City. If you’re looking for boundless recreation, and a city with small-town appeal, you may have just found your new home.

Temple City, CA: The 5th safest city in California


6. Laguna Niguel

Offering a vibrant Chamber of Commerce and the potential for one million square feet of new office and commercial development to be constructed over the next decade, small business owners and entrepreneurs will want to take advantage of Laguna Niguel’s thriving business climate. They’ll also appreciate the opportunity to take part in the city’s innovative crime prevention program, Business Watch, and other cooperative programs like Neighborhood Watch.

And thanks to the nearly 500 new homes that are expected to be built in the coming years, there’s no doubt your family will find the perfect abode to settle in. The master planned community of Laguna Nigel takes pride in the fact that over one-third of the community is designated as open space. A proud community full of pioneering safety and security programs, and plentiful green-space, it’s no wonder families from across the nation are moving to Laguna Niguel, California.

Laguna Niguel, CA: The 6th safest city in California


7. Moorpark

Just 50 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find one of the 10 safest cities in the Golden State. But Moorpark is not only safe, it’s also pro-business and strategically located. Moorpark has been honored more than once as one of the top ten least expensive cities in California to conduct business in, according to the “Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey” and its robust Economic Development Division provides business owners with information and training classes that help them set up shop and thrive. Situated just 35 miles from the Burbank Airport, and 50 miles from the Los Angeles Airport, travelling to and from Moorpark is a breeze. But it’s unlikely you’ll want to leave the state when Disneyland and Dodger Stadium are just a short drive away.

Moorpark, CA: the 7th safest city in California


8. Lincoln

Located in the metropolitan area of Sacramento, Lincoln is “small community with big ideas” that greets newcomers with open arms and a wealth of relocation resources. And it’s also safe place to raise a family, according to recent FBI Crime Report statistics that disclose less than 30 violent crimes were reported to law enforcement in 2011. A former winner of the coveted All-America Cities Award, given by the National Civic League, Lincoln’s Historic Downtown Area offers budding business owners the chance to secure affordable office and retail space. And its notoriously strong labor pool make it possible to find the perfect talent. With a population that grew 144 percent from 2000 to 2005, and doesn’t appear to be slowing, it appears lots of families are taking advantage of Lincoln’s many benefits.

Lincoln, CA: The 8th safest city in California


9. Danville

The town of Danville offers the ideal combination of small town charm and upscale living that rewards residents with an amazing quality of life. Located just 30 miles east of bustling San Francisco, the quaint town of Danville welcomes newcomers with open arms and a powerful sense of community. Highly rated schools and an array of contemporary homes make it particularly attractive to families. You can expect to enjoy street fairs, a vibrant farmer’s market, and neighborhood holiday celebrations in Danville. And recreational opportunities are plentiful; from family nature hikes to playdates at one of the town’s many modern playgrounds, or a daily trip to the dog park, Danville’s 167 acres of parkland mean the active family will never run out of things to do. Best of all, Danville ranks as one of the SafeWise 10 safest cities in California.

Danville, CA: The 9th safest city in California


10. San Ramon

Although San Ramon’s population is nearly 75,000, it boasts a remarkably low crime rate. A suburban city located near the San Francisco Bay Area, San Ramon has an unemployment rate of just 3.1 percent, and bountiful resources for new and existing businesses. It also offers LookLocal, an innovative and free app that helps residents find local products and services to keep more money in the community to benefit the local economy. San Ramon also offers Bishop Ranch, an employment center that includes several Global 500 companies and over 21,000 workers. An additional 16,000 jobs are expected to be added to the employment hub over the next 15 years. San Ramon rewards its hard working citizens with a comfortable year-round climate, a highly rated school system, and top-notch recreational programs.

San Ramon, CA: The 10th safest city in California

For the full list, please check out #11-50 at SafeWise!

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The Safest Cities in California

These great cities secured a spot on our 50 safest cities in the entire state of California. No matter where you live in California, it’s best to do your part to keep your home secure. SafeWise recommends a monitored security system to get the best protection possible. To discover which system is right for your home, check out the SafeWise security system finder.

*Information available as of 2011