While the Golden State as a whole is warming to the idea of legalization, an argument can be made that prohibition of the traditional sense is facing resurgence in a Sacramento suburb.

In 2013, the Roseville City Council passed an ordinance requiring bars in the historic district to charge a $5 cover fee after 10PM on Friday and Saturday nights. The ordinance further requires bouncers to scan IDs and check patrons for weapons. Roseville police report that the ordinance is the result of constant calls for service visits in the historic district.

“We were having some issues down there,” Roseville Police Department spokesperson Dee Dee Gunther said to Fox 40. “There were a lot of fights where it required resources from the police department.”

The community has already felt its effects—the $5 cover charge is driving patrons from Roseville’s historic district. Since the ordinance went into effect in December, two bars have already closed up shop: the historic Rose Room and Mint.

The Owl Club, which opened in 1934, will celebrate its 80th year in operation by shuttering its doors as well.

According to Fox 40, one Roseville bar was ticketed $100 for “not wanding patrons or charging cover.”

Police insist the ordinance is about the need for public safety.

“It’s all geared toward making the area safer for everyone,” said Lt. Mark Glynn said to CBS 13. “We’ve even had to call surrounding agencies to help with some of those large-scale fights.”

According to CBS 13, “Roseville Police are reporting up to a 50 percent drop in call volume since the ordinance went into effect.”

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