“There is no poop fairy. Please clean up after your dog.”

It’s no laughing matter: the City of Santa Cruz takes Fido’s doo-doo quite seriously.

Earlier this month, the Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department launched a sign campaign alongside a popular walking path reminding dog owners that responsibility for their dog’s waste ultimately falls on their own shoulders.

“At first I was with a friend and we thought somebody had put it up as a joke,” said resident Mary Bannion to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “But then we walked by again and said, ‘No, that’s a city sign.’”

The concept for the lighthearted sign was proposed several months ago when department officials were researching how other agencies worked to combat feces on city streets and sidewalks.

“We looked at several agencies and most of the ones we looked at kind of had a humorous theme behind them but pointed out that people needed to take care of what their dogs leave behind,” stated Superintendent for Parks and Recreation Mauro Garcia.

According to KSBW, Santa Cruz paid $1,350 for the new poop fairy signs. So far the reaction of the public has been positive.

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