Extortion. Lying about residency requirements. Perjury. You know, the usual behavior one expects out of their county supervisor.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, former San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew will spend a month in county jail and the rest of his year-long sentence under home arrest with an ankle monitor.

In 2008, Jew copped to lying about living in the Sunset District—the district of which he ran to represent on the SF Board of Supervisors. In fact, Jew had actually been living in Burlingame with his family.

The original sentence called for 10 years in prison. Assistant District Attorney Evan Ackiron called the reduced sentence “a gift.”

Jew’s state sentence coincides with his federal sentences. In 2008, Jew also pleaded guilty to the extortion of $84,000 from the owners of a tapioca drink store in his district. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he was released this year after serving for four and a half years in prison camps in Arizona and California, as well as six months in a Los Angeles jail.

Jew is scheduled to turn himself in and begin his jail sentence Thursday.

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