When the daily headlines are dominated by scandal after scandal, it can be easy to forget that there is some good left in this world. At PublicCEO, not only do we strive to  report when officials have breached the public trust but we work hard to ensure that good acts of service receive their moment in the spotlight.

Last month, 4-year-old Kaelyn Kerr got stuck in an elevator with her mother and her baby brother. However, the situation went from frightening to touching–thanks to the quick wit of a couple exemplary firefighters.

“I went to go push the door and nothing happened,” her mother Kristin Kerr told MyFoxBoston.com. “So that’s when I was pushing the buttons and nothing happened.”

Firefighters in Reading, MA determined that the only plausible exit would require the family to climb out of the top elevator car and over a wall.

“When they put the ladder down that’s when she kind of started freaking out a little bit,” Kristin Kerr said, describing Kaelyn’s fear to MyFoxBoston.com.

Firefighter John Keough began talking to Kaelyn in order to calm her down. When he discovered that her favorite song was “Let It Go” from the animated hit Frozen, the team responded by soothing little Kaelyn with a song.

“It worked,” said Keough. “We got her to a point where she was comfortable with us and up the ladder we went, right up and over, no problem.”

To see the firefighters in action, view the video below.

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Despite all the scandals that made this week’s headlines… as J.R.R. Tolkien said in his classic adventure novel, The Two Towers: