Applications due June 13 for grants that will promote sustainable economic development

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By Gerard Lavery Lederer & Seth Merewitz.

New grants from the United States Department of Agriculture will help promote sustainable economic development in rural communities with exceptional needs. The Rural Business Opportunity Grants, announced May 2, will be awarded on a competitive basis.

These grant funds, not to exceed $100,000, must be used for projects in rural areas for:

  • Community economic development
  • Technology-based economic development
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Leadership and entrepreneur training
  • Rural business incubators
  • Long-term business strategic planning

Public bodies, nonprofit corporations, Indian tribes, institutions of higher education and rural cooperatives are eligible to apply. The deadline for application is June 13. There is no cost-share requirement for this grant.

For more information, see USDA website:

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