California residents know quite well that the state is legendary for some pretty brutal commutes. Stories of drivers taking 60, 70 or even 90 minutes to drive one way to work are not unheard of. While every new California driver undergoes special driving tests before they hit the roads on their own, certain city roads remain safer and less congested around the Southern California area. These cities that are safe for commuters often offer alternatives to traditional driving, or feature short driving times to a nearby major metropolis. The following top five cities are Southern California’s safest commuter communities.


Alternative modes of transportation make this beautiful community commuter-safe. The city’s General Plan is specifically designed to make sure the city is pedestrian and bike friendly, where people can get where they need to go without the use of a car. Pasadena is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in southern California with more than 50 miles of bike routes, and its ARTS bus service offers a variety of routes for people who wish to leave their cars in the driveway when they go to work.


As Yahoo Finance notes, Visalia was ranked number eight in the Top 10 list of America’s safest driving cities in 2013. The list was compiled based on how often residents got into an automobile accident. According to the report, the average driver in Visalia gets into a car crash about once every 12 years. Visalia, along with the central valley of California, are working hard to do whatever they can to make their roads safe for drivers.


For people who are looking for a plethora of alternative forms of transportation, the City of Corona is an ideal place to live. As Discover Corona notes, the city’s Corona Cruiser is a fixed bus route service that helps people get around the area without the use of a car. For those who wish to get to work on their bikes, the city has developed safe and secure bike routes, including some that go along the scenic Santa Ana River Trail. In addition, the city is on the Metrolink line, which offers a reliable and safe option for commuters.


This beautiful island community of about 19,000 residents is located near San Diego. Its scenery is not the only thing that makes Coronado stand out—its relatively short commute time is also ideal. Most people who live in the suburban region need around 20 minutes to get to work, which is the twentieth best time in the entire state.

Hancock Park

Although the residents of Hancock Park may feel like they are miles away from big city living, the affluent area is known as an ideal community for shopping, entertainment and high quality of life. Hancock park is also close enough to downtown Los Angeles to be a great place for commuters to live. Most people can drive to LA in an easy 15 minutes or so—far less than other suburbs of the metropolitan.

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