The political nerds and government junkies who read PublicCEO know that exercising the right to vote is dope… without the dope.

In a highly original GOTV campaign, the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC) will be giving out free weed to members of the coalition today who show proof via the presentation of a ballot stub or “I Voted” sticker.

“We have a huge opportunity to make a large impact in who runs San Jose,” SVCC Director John Lee, director of the coalition, said in a statement. “Although we may not have regulations on the June ballot, ensuring the right politicians are elected is even more important.”

The SVCC has posted a list of clubs participating in the “Weed for Votes” campaign on its site, as well as a list of endorsements for various local candidates.

Some have questioned the legality of the move, with the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voter’s Office furthering concerns to the DA’s office.

In a brief statement, Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s office said that SVCC’s offer was not in apparent violation of California’s election law, which prohibits trying to influence voters with an bribe of “money, gift, loan, or other valuable consideration, office, place, or employment.”

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