On Monday, the Mayor of San Marino was caught demonstrating what you shouldn’t doo-doo as a public official—or really, as any member of polite society.

Mayor Dennis Kneier was busted for throwing a bag of dog feces on his neighbor’s walkway. Kneier’s neighbor, Philip Lao, caught the caper with the security cameras outside his home. Lao proceeded to turn over the footage to the police.

The Mayor said he and his wife were walking home when they came across the bag of poop on the sidewalk.

“I made a mistake of putting it in his walkway,” remarked Kneier. “Rather than leaving it, I should have walked on by or disposed of it properly.”

“The bag was tied closed and appeared to have been intentionally placed on the walkway entrance,” police officials said. “After reviewing video surveillance which monitors the exterior of their residence, the residents were able to identify their neighbor, Dennis Kneier, as the person who had placed the plastic bag on their walkway.”

Kneier has delivered an apology to Lao for the foul play.


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