On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 30, Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo was tragically shot in his home, the result of an alleged domestic dispute with his wife. Crespo died shortly thereafter en route to the hospital.

“Daniel Crespo Sr. became involved in an argument with his wife, Levette Crespo. Their 19-year-old son, Daniel Crespo Jr. tried to intervene and ultimately became involved in a physical altercation with Daniel Crespo Sr. During that time, Levette Crespo produced a firearm and shot her husband multiple times in the torso,” according to a statement released by the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Crespo’s wife is currently in custody.

Crespo was 45 years old and has served on the Bell Gardens City Council since 2001. During the day, Crespo worked as a Los Angeles County probation officer and had been with the County for over a decade.

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and Senator Lara Ricardo, who both represent Bell Gardens in the CA State Legislature issued the following joint statement:

“As representatives and residents of Bell Gardens, today’s tragic news about the passing of our dear friend, Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo, is shocking and a tremendous loss for our close knit community. Mayor Crespo was a respected public servant who dedicated his life to protecting and helping others in Southeast Los Angeles and throughout the region. Our sincerest  thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.”

In an unrelated note: last year, terrorist threats were made against Crespo and his City Council colleagues by a man who operated under the name Ness G Anhrax. Antrax posted a number of threatening images on Facebook, with props including gas masks and military rifles. One photo in particular featured a mouse in a trap on top of an exed-out campaign sign for Crespo and two other councilmembers. Antrax was later identified and arrested, but not prosecuted. The District Attorney city cited a lack of evidence for the decision to not press charges.

Bell Gardens is a small city of over 42,000 in Southeast Los Angeles.