With all the comings and goings in California local government, it can be hard to keep track of where your friends are or what’s happening in your neighboring municipalities. But Trackdown Management helps keep the state up-to-date with their newsletter.

PublicCEO presents Jack Simpson’s Picking Up the Pieces.

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Covina Chief of Police Kim Raney is the Interim City Manager following the retirement of City Manager Daryl Parrish. Darryl joined the Covina staff as City Manager in 2009. Daryl previously served as the Colton City Manager (2001-2009).

Retired City Manager Anthony B. Lopez served as City Manager of Corning (1984-1993), City Administrator in Orange Cove (1993-1998), and City Administrator of Hawaiian Gardens (1998-2002). In 2013 Tony served as a member of the Fresno County Grand Jury. He served as the Interim City Manager in Parlier from 2013-2014. After San Jose Deputy City Manager Alex Gurza was escorted from his office, he was appointed to an entry level Analyst position in the Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services Department.

Riverside is looking for a quality applicant for a vacant Traffic Engineering position in its Public Works Department. The application closing date is January 11, 2015.

Corona Assistant City Manager Greg Irvine, 55, has announced his retirement. Greg joined the City of Corona as a Cash Management Analyst and was appointed Assistant City Manager in 2004. He served 24-years in the Marine Corps and Marine Corps reserves, retiring in 2004 as a Lieutenant Colonel. Greg earned an MBA from Pepperdine University. Former Hawaiian Gardens Assistant City Administrator Paul Hogan has been on the “disabled list” since November 8 with cellulites in one of his legs. He has been taking medications treatments, and hopes to get back to work soon. After Paul left Hawaiian Gardens he worked as Assistant City Manager in Lomita for a time and then he joined Willdan Financial Services when it was still MuniFinancial for a time. Paul is currently in commercial transportation.

When news leaked that the Sanger City Council might be considering dismissing City Manager Charles Brian Haddix, more than 200 residents of the community turned out in support of the City Manager. No action was taken. Brian has served as Sanger City Manager since 2010 when he took over for former City Manager Jim Drinkhouse. Previous to joining the Sanger staff Brian served as the County Administrative Officer in Tulare County. It has been reported that at least Council Member feels that Brian is of the wrong ethnic group.

What do retired City Managers Darrell L. Essex, Don Powell, Bill Holt, Randy Johnsen, Fred Latham and Robert Williams have in common with Yorba Linda City Manager Mark A. Pulone? Local government historians will recognize that all seven worked for the City of Santa Fe Springs. Darrell left Santa Fe Springs in 1962, the year Bob was appointed City Manager, to become the Cypress City Manager. Don, Bill, Randy, and Fred all worked under City Manager Bob Williams, who served from 1962 to 1980. Mark joined the Santa Fe Springs staff in 1985 as a part-time staff member when Don was the City Manager (1980-1999).

City Manager Larry Cheeves is retiring from the Union City post he has held for the past 10-years. Larry joined the Union City staff in 1989 as the Director of Public Works. Previous to that Larry was the Assistant Director of Public Works in Norwalk. He began his journey in public management in 1976 as an Administrative Intern in Cerritos. Larry received a 35-year ICMA Service Award in 2011.

Former Deputy City Manager Tony Acosta is the Union City Interim City Manager.

California State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo has introduced legislation, Senate Bill No. 47, The Children’s Safe Playground and Turf Field Act of 2015, seeks to prohibit the use of artificial turf in public and private schools and local governments until January 1, 2018. The Senator says he is concerned about the health risks associated with using artificial turf. He wants a comprehensive study of the components and materials used to make artificial turf, and any potential health risks they may cause.

Former Lincoln City Manager James D. Estep serves as the President/Chief Executive Officer for Crossroads Diversified Services in Sacramento starting in August, 2014. Crossroads is a nonprofit that is a leader in the specialized employment and placement industry. Jim entered the public service in San Ramon in 1988 as a Public Services Director. In 2003 he was appointed Assistant City Manager in Elk Grove. Jim took the Lincoln City Manager post in 2008.

Vista Assistant to the City Manager Tony Winney began his public service career as a Legislative Assistant for the State Bar of Texas in 1999. Before joining the Vista staff in his current assignment he served with the Cities of La Mesa, Poway and Carlsbad. He served as a Management Analyst in Vista between 2007 and 2008. He started his current post in 2014.

Palo Alto City Manager James Keene Jr. was appointed in 2008. Previous to joining the Palo Alto staff Jim served as the ICMA Director of Strategic Issues and West Coast Regional Manager from 2007-2008. He was the Executive Director of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) prior to that. Jim also previously served as City Manager in Tucson, Arizona, and Berkeley.

Cheryl Hilvert, former Montgomery and Fairfield, Ohio City Manager, has served as the ICMA Director of the Center for Management Strategies since 2012 in Washington, D.C. She served as the President of the Ohio CIty/County Management Association in 2004-2005. Cheryl earned a BA and MPA from Eastern Kentucky University.

In May, 1979, James R. Garrett was appointed Assistant Finance Director in Vacaville after working in the private sector for a half-dozen years. Previous to that Jim served as the City Manager in Livingston (1971-1973) and City Administrator in Oakdale.