PublicCEO spends a great deal of time identifying and highlighting the “whiz kids” of California’s local government scene. Unfortunately, this week’s news cycle brought a different kind of “wizz kid” to our attention.

Last month, members of the San Francisco Public Utilties Commission caught Martin Sanchez relieving himself into the Priest Reservoir. Sanchez is employed as a maintenance planner with the SFPUC, and collects an annual salary of $111,000.

At the time of the incident, the reservoir had been drained. However, Tyrone Jue, a spokesman for utility emphasized that his actions were innapropriate either way.

“There is no public health risk to be concerned about because the reservoir was not in use and the fact any water would have been treated anyway,” said Jue. “Still, his actions are completely unacceptable.”

Sanchez has been placed on temporary leave and is facing discipline from the SFPUC. He could face several days of suspension without pay.

The Priest Reservoir holds over 674-million-gallons and is located in Tuolumne County. As one of four Hetch Hetchy holds, the water from the reservoir (once treated) provides drinking water to residents of San Francisco.

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