Capitalizing on the success of George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series and HBO’s hit adaptation, the City of West Hollywood has released a Game of Thrones-inspired public service announcement about the severity of California’s drought.

The title of the video, “Winter is Coming! But the Drought is Far From Over,” pays homage to one of the show’s most recognizable phrases. Game of Thrones takes place in the fictional land of Westeros, where seasons can last longer than a decade… an apt comparison, given that California’s drought has dragged on for years.

The PSA, while humorous, serves to remind residents that conservation is still important during the winter months. From the City of West Hollywood:

Winter is Coming! But the Drought is Far From Over is a Special Announcement from the City of West Hollywood about the severity of California’s epic drought. Despite predictions of El Niño conditions and wet winter weather, the state is still facing one of the most severe droughts on record and it is vital that communities conserve water. The City of West Hollywood has steadily intensified its efforts to use less water and promote conservation. The City of West Hollywood launched this water conservation campaign aimed at encouraging residents and businesses to make adjustments in their daily routines in order to conserve water.

This Special Announcement has been released in partnership with Change the Course, a first-of-its-kind water sustainability campaign that leverages its partners — Participant Media, National Geographic Society, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation — to engage communities in understanding how daily choices affect our water footprint and to inspire people to take action in their own lives and pledge to conserve water. Visit:

View it yourself here: