The City of Huntington Park voted unanimously last week to approve a professional service agreement with MuniServices, LLC, for continued utility users tax consulting services. Under the agreement, MuniServices will continue to provide discovery, compliance, and audit services for its utility user tax base.

The recommendation to approve the agreement with MuniServices was supported by staff who highlighted the fact that MuniServices has been the city’s consultant since 2005. Staff also pointed out that MuniServices played a key part in the City receiving $5.1 million in Utility Users’ Tax revenue in FY 13-14.

“We share the City’s goal of increasing revenue without raising taxes. To date we’ve been able to recover $6.9 million in new utility user tax revenue for the City of Huntington Park. That’s revenue that was slipping through the cracks that rightfully belongs to the City to pay for crucial services to the community,” said Julia Erdkamp, Client Services Manager for MuniServices.

With recent budget challenges, the additional revenues have been key in improving the City’s financial position. “MuniServices is uniquely qualified to partner with the City in our efforts to provide essential oversight of our large and expanding utility user tax base. We are especially pleased that we are able to keep our promise of not increasing taxes. We look forward to continuing the partnership” said Karina Macias, Huntington Park Mayor.

The move to unanimously approve the agreement with MuniServices comes as the State Board of Equalization (BOE) recommends that cities retain the services of qualified firms to assist with their Utility Users’ Tax (UUT) collections. Many Cities, rely on MuniServices for the collection and management of (UUT) given the complexity of the process.

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About MuniServices:

MuniServices is a leading provider of revenue recovery services. With over 900 cities, counties, special districts, and states as clients, MuniServices is the only firm in California and throughout the United States to offer proprietary revenue recovery, audit and administration services encompassing all general sources of municipal tax revenue.