Star Wars’ very own “Emperor Palpatine,” one of the most evil movie villains ever to debut on the big screen, has been elected to the Odessa City Council in the Ukraine.

111222333A man name Palpatine Dmitry, who job title at “LLC Palpatine Finance Group” is officially listed “Emperor,” was able to obtain 54.4% of the vote and secure himself a seat on the Odessa City Council.

Given the recent chatter over the new Star Wars movie coming out this December, Palpatine’s election may seem like a silly publicity with the intention of keeping the space franchise in the headlines. But Palpatine’s election is, bizarrely, only the latest in a string of Star Wars-related political activity in Ukraine. Last year, Darth Vader ran as a mayoral candidate in several Ukrainian cities. The Sith Lord’s image has shown up in a number of ways, including as a protest to recent decommunization laws where a statute of Lenin was replaced with the Darth Vader himself. Han Solo’s pal, Chewbacca the wookie, was arrested and fined the equivalent of $170 US dollars for canvassing for Vader’s most recent campaign. See video below:

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May the Force be with you this Halloween.

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