The speculation around Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s political ambitions recently put a spotlight on the City of Bakersfield, including a entire piece in Politico devoted to “how the dusty, deep red Bakersfield, California, shaped [McCarthy’s] life—and might shape his speakership.”

After McCarthy’s bowing out of the race for Speaker last week, one would expect the Inland California city’s 15 seconds of fame to come to an end. Certainly that would have been case if Saturday Night Live had not decided to take on the antics of local city council meetings and the cast of characters that often attend them.

Aside from the mention at the beginning of the sketch, none of the references are in any way specific to Bakersfield. Rather, the town simply serves as a backdrop for SNL to explore the sometimes ridiculous nature of public meetings.

Please note: as this is Saturday Night Live, the content of the sketch may not be suitable for all workplaces. But elected officials and staff alike will certainly appreciate their take on the gadflies that often show up at public forums governed by the Brown Act.

From SNL’s description of the sketch:

A Dutch rapper (Kyle Mooney), a Halloween enthusiast (Kenan Thompson) and a little girl (Amy Schumer) air their grievances at a city council meeting.