“I tried calling the [McRib] hotline and they like don’t take me seriously.”

In a scene that some might guess was actually a bit the television show Parks and Recreation, two young speakers addressed the Santa Clarita City Council last week asking for both the Council’s support of the strip club industry and their help in returning the McRib to the menu of local McDonald’s stores.

The first speaker, a young man in a cowboy hat and black lipstick, asked the Council to consider allowing strip clubs in the city as a way to spur economic growth. However, his comments merely served to tee up a more impassioned speaker: a truly devoted fan of the McRib.

The young woman, sporting bright pink hair and a backpack around her shoulder, began her comments with a preface stating that she was “here on behalf of the Santa Clarita foodie community.”

She then proceeded to rattle off a number of facts and statistics pertaining to the availability of the cult pork sandwich, while bemoaning the fact that the nearest McRib was “seen” 350 miles north of Santa Clarita in the Bay Area.

At times, she appears to be the verge of crying while discussing the lack of the McRib and how this will negatively impact her Thanksgiving. Without the availability of both McRib sandwiches and McNuggets, the young woman’s Thanksgiving holiday will be like “Christmas without snow.” [Editor’s note: an odd thing for someone who resides in Santa Clarita, where snow is a rare event.]

As you may have guessed, this stunt was the work of aspiring comedian Xanthe Pajarillo. Kudos to her for deadpanning the entire bit, and never once breaking character.

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