By Steven Tavares.

A group of Alameda landlords who back a ballot measure that would prohibit rent control of any type on the island, submitted 7,491 signatures to the city clerk’s office on Monday.

The potential ballot measure, backed by Alameda landlords Farhad Matin and Marilyn Schumacher, now heads to the Alameda County registrar for verification of its signatures. The measure needs 6,420 valid signatures for inclusion on the November ballot.

Another rent-related ballot measure backed by the Alameda Renters Coalition would, conversely, enact rent control, submitted 7,882 signatures to the city clerk’s office on May 24.

The potential rent control measure would tie annual rent increases to a percentage of the Consumer Price Index. Word on whether proponents of the measure accumulated the requisite number of valid signatures is expected within the week from the county registrar’s office.

The competing ballot measures, however, could be at risk of not securing the minimum number of valid signatures required. Typically, ballot measures strive to secure an additional 25 percent over the minimum number of signatures to account for invalid entries. In this case, both fell short of that recommendation.

A third rent-related petition offered by Alameda Councilmember Tony Daysog is not expected to secure enough signatures in time for November.

On July 5, the Alameda City Council is expected discuss each pending ballot measure. If both are green-lighted by the county registrar, the City Council would then be asked to formally approve placing both on the fall ballot.

Later this year, Alamedans will also be choosing to fill open seats on the city council and school board, whether to renewal a school parcel tax, in addition, to making selections for expected contested races for city auditor and treasurer.

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Originally posted at East Bay Citizen.