As part of its Districts Make the Difference campaign, the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) has launched a new online video to educate Californians about one of the state’s earliest grassroots organizations to identify local conservation.

The new video, “Districts Foster a Healthy Environment,” features Napa County Resource Conservation District and focuses on the partnership with Enchanted Hills Camp and Retreat in converting old deteriorated roads to hiking trails for their campers

The Enchanted Hills Camp and Retreat is located just ten miles west of Napa. This local non-profit provides valuable recreational opportunities for blind children, teens, adults, deaf-blind, senior in a fun, challenging, and accessible way.

“Often times many of our campers are not given the opportunity to go out and travel independently and learn about their environment,” said Anthony Fletcher, Director for Enchanted Hills. “This road to trails conversion is going to open up miles of hiking trails that we did not have prior.”

Resource Conservation districts engage in a range of education and outreach programs designed to promote the public’s interest and understanding of the environment and wildlife around them.

Information about additional special districts and the way they make the difference in their communities is available by visiting