By Jen Kinney.

This fall, a mobile app will help track the transportation patterns of tens of thousands of San Diego residents as part of a survey that will inform long-term regional planning decisions, reports the San Diego Union Tribune. The survey will help the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) make decisions about where new development should be allowed, which highways and public transit corridors should get priority improvements, and more.

Two hundred thousand San Diego County households — about 1 in 5 residences — will be asked to participate. If they agree, they can choose to be surveyed by phone, mail or website. They also have the option to download rMove, an app that uses GPS to track where they go, providing “an unprecedented level of detail on people’s transportation choices,” according to the Tribune. They’ll be asked questions about when and where they travel; whether they use public transit, drive alone, carpool, walk or bike; and how much they spend on transportation.

Those who choose to download the app will also launch It whenever they take a trip, from a walk down the block to their daily commute. All participants will receive a $10-20 gift card.

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