By Ed Coghlan.

Last week, a statewide group of local officials, planning agencies, and homebuilders came together in Los Angeles to talk about California’s housing crisis, new ideas for funding housing and related infrastructure, and building more supply in the right places.

The above video by CA Fwd features a range of voices laying out the impact of the housing affordability problem and specific ideas for boosting investment in affordable housing and accelerating the development of all types of housing near transit and jobs.

Attendees of the Southern California Association of Governments’ Housing Summit addressed some of the root causes of and solutions to the state’s housing supply shortage, which is being outstripped by demand and driving home prices and rents above what many Californians can afford.

In conjunction, SCAG also released a report featuring a snapshot of the housing crisis and strategies that focused on local fiscal and planning actions for boosting supply.

CA Fwd and the California Economic Summit partnered with SCAG on the event and participated in panels highlighting the potential for fiscal policies that can encourage local agencies to approve housing and fund the infrastructure needed to support it.

The discussion to find innovative and comprehensive housing strategies will continue at the 2016 California Economic Summit, organized by CA Fwd and taking place in Sacramento on December 13-14. Head to theSummit information page to view the agenda and register.

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Originally posted at CA Economy.